(22 février 1944 – 11 janvier 2010)

Hommage de la BBC sur son site : Mick would never tell you that he was one of the greatest guitar players the UK ever produced, but he was. Never follow The Pirates they used to say, and it was a very brave – or a very stupid – band who chose to go on after Mick’s incendiary style had been unleashed for an hour or so. It was, literally, jaw-dropping. You could see countless people in Pirate audiences stare opened mouth as they realised what he was doing, and then stare even harder as they tried to work out how. It was a bewildering mixture of lead and rhythm played simultaeneously and often at what seemed like impossible speed. But crucially, it was done always with taste and always in the service of the song. It wasn’t technique for its own sake, but technique deployed to an end.

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