PeTe QuaiFe (Waterloo Sunset)

Pete Quaife

(31 décembre 1943 – 22 juin 2010)

L’hommage de Dave Davies :

“I am overwhelmed with emotion- I literally can’t speak- we might never have done any of this without him- Pete was right there at the very beginning – he was a friend and a brother to me-family- me and Pete never argued about anything -WE knew – and he really got it-ALL of it-I Loved him so much- In my naivety I kind of thought we would work again together- – I am shocked beyond words – without Pete there would have been NO Kinks- we went to school together and shared the best times, growing up- we learnt music together as we went along , he was a great musician -you could always trust his playing, creative input, intuitive response to musical ideas-and we taught each other riffs and ideas and shared a common bond of Love, Loyalty and deep friendship-I am in a state of complete disbelief- I knew he was ill – but his cheeky intelligence and optimistic nature would make any one believe that he would Live forever- and in a way Peter Alexanda Greenlaw Quaife you will live in my heart and inner being FOREVER- God Bless you Pete- dear sweet generous – mad and Unique friend- I will never be the same-And I thank God for knowing and working with you – that you enriched and Blessed my LIfe with your sense of fun. wit, intelligence and passion; and optimism- A True musician- a True artist and an immensely gifted Man full of Life and Love -who was never really given the credit he deserved for his contribution and involvement – – I Love You Pete ! The Kinks were never really the Kinks without you……

All my Love”
Dave Davies

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