JiMMy DaWKiNS : “you GoT To KeeP oN TRyiNG”

Jimmy Dawkins

Bop-Pills Jimmy Dawkins 2

James Henry « Jimmy » Dawkins

(24 octobre 1936 – 10 avril 2013)

“I’m just playin’ what I feel and I feel the peoples and I’m happy with them and I love the music and I’m just doin’ it. But I’m doin’ it from the heart, just as I feel. No clownin’. I don’t believe in that. I’m ‘All For Business’ baby, I ain’t got no time for play!” (Jimmy Dawkins)

“Jimmy Dawkins is a true original and a one-of-a-kind artist whose distinctive guitar style is instantly recognizable. His chilling killer tone, his deep, complex, innovative solos, and his intense playing approach have made him revered among his peers, which have won him fans around the world.” (Jim Feeney, Août 1996, notes de pochettes de l’album ” Blistering”)




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