SeaN BoNNiWeLL (“You’LL LoVe Me aGain”)

Sean Bonniwell

(aka Thomas HARVEY)

(16 août 1940 – 20 décembre 2011)

When I first heard the Music Machine, I was blown away. These guys are one of the greatest garage bands ever. “Talk, Talk” was their big hit, but they were soon forgotten after that. On their rockin’ tracks like “Talk,Talk”, “Trouble”, “Masculine Intuition”, and “The People in Me,”they feature intense fuzz, rocked out guitars,dance inspiring drums,low pounding bass, an organ that has a touch of cartoon horror to it, with Sean Bonniwell’s deep, enchanting voice bringing you to another world. They also do the best cover of “Hey Joe” I have ever heard(even better than the Hendrix version), it starts off slow and psycedelic, with Bonniwell’s voice crying out the words and then progresses into a frantic mind blowing fuzzed out psycedelic explosion, with Bonniwell’s vocals at the wheel. There are also quite a few other cover songs on the album, mostly mediocre, but interesting interpretations.If you like 60’s psycedelia and garage rock, you will love the Music Machine.

(By “A Customer”, Amazon.Com)

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