JeFF HeaLey – See THe LiGHT –

JeFF HeaLey - See THe LiGHT

“He was like another one of my sons… Jeff Healey… oh my God.” ~ B.B. King

Jeff Healey

(25 mars 1966 – 2 mars 2008)

Recorded in July 1993 at Peer Blues Festival in Peer (Belgium) 00:50 Baby’s Looki’ Hot 04:43 House That Love Built 09:03 Evil And Here To Stay 16:30 Concidence Man 20:18 It Could All Get Blown Away 25:44 Lost In Your Eyes 32:15 Heart Of An Angel 38:24 Full Circle 43:07 That’s What They Say 48:37 Angel Eyes 55:35 Roadhouse Blues 1:01:10 See The Light 1:14:10 While My Guitars Gently Weeps

Line up: Jeff Healey: guitar and vocals – Joe Rockman: bass – Tom Stephen: drums – Washington Savage: keyboards – Mischke Butler and Toucu: background vocals

Line up : Dr. John : piano – Marcus Miller – bass, Omar Hakim – drums

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    • Et quand on regarde comment il joue, ça doit pas être évident !
      Surtout qu’il est aveugle.
      La version de “See The Light” avec Dr. John, Marcus Miller et Omar Hakim est une tuerie. D’ailleurs, lui-même se laisse emmener par la déferlante à la fin.
      Ouèche !

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